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Trikey Tom is a wooden pull-along toy.  He is the post man in the 52 free episodes of Buzzy Bee and friends available on Youtube.

Youtube:  Buzzybeeandfriends

Well helloooo there. I’m Trikey Tom™ and I have this cool trike. I can do back skids, front skids, front wheel stands, two wheel stands…its soooo cool.

I’ve got the coolest house to live in, I have this mega cool way of getting to the top. Driver Don has built me a jump ramp for my trike. (Driver Don is my hero!). The jump ramp was pretty scary at first but then I figured out that you don’t know if you can do something unless you try. I canned out badly the first time, but I’m great at it now.

I love my trike so much that one day I did the coolest thing to celebrate my Trike’s birthday. I delivered mystery clues to everyone when I was doing my mail round. Yeah, I’m in charge of the town post office and I deliver the mail most days.

I gave everyone a clue that was a piece of jigsaw. They figured out it was a birthday cake. I got it specially to celebrate my Trike’s birthday. How cool is that! I’m a bit of a speed king. But I am trying to learn to slow down cos sometimes I break things.

And I LOVE winning, but yeah, I know, everything doesn’t have to be a competition. I get it. And I know sometimes I need to give the others abit of a head start. I’m also a pretty good dancer and I love playing my electric guitar. Better go practice now. See ya round.

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