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Oscar Ostrich is the town librarian in the 52 episode animated series of Buzzy Bee and friends available for free on:

Youtube: Buzzybeeandfriends

OK, OK, …my name is Oscar Ostrich and I have feet ….not wheels.

I live on my wind chime. It just hangs out of the sky and floats around the place. Some times you’d think my feet would be a bit of a problem as the others can go much faster than me on their wheels.

But actually, I can do things that the wheelers can’t.

And I’ve absolutely mastered the loop the loop. I won the great race last year when I realised I just needed to believe in myself and give it a go!

I look after the library in Rolling Downs, yeah, its fun at the library. I painted it all up to look like a rainbow. You see, everyone told me their favourite colours and I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so Buzzy came up with the idea to paint it like a rainbow.

I love playing the fool, but most of all I love playing soccer! Which is what I’m going to do now! See ya later.

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