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Elle-Gator is a wooden pull-along toy and features in the 52 free episodes of Buzzy Bee and friends available on Youtube.

Youtube: Buzzybeeandfriends

Hello everyone, I’m Elle-Gator the Alligator. I live in the underground tunnels in Rolling Downs.

My room is full of lots of things I’ve collected that all have special memories.

I’m by far the best swimmer in Rolling Downs. Thankfully one day I was able to save Rolling Downs from the great flood when I helped unblock the plughole that stopped all the rain from going down.

But I’m very shy…in fact I don’t know why I am so shy, but my best friend Oscar has taught me a lesson on how to shoo away shyness. I love singing though and Buzzy has invited me to be the lead singer in the Buzzy City Rollers. I really love my music and my books and I love using my imagination. Like the time I imagined that we could create our very own ballet in Rolling Downs…it was magical…

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