Lester Hall - Miss Kiwianaville - Stamp Style

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Lester Hall was born in Wellington, New Zealand and has supported himself through his artworks for the last twenty years.  He has painted and studied New Zealand history and Maori/European/Pacific centric artwork all of that time.

Image size in millimetres:  A3 - 485mm * 330mm 

Image size in millimetres:  A4 - 330mm * 240mm
Signed studio printed edition

on Epson Velvet fine art paper with K3 archival inks 

Miss Kiwianaville - is an image about the the love of things Kiwi and the beauty we are creating about it. Lester has taken an archetypal white female image from the internet and colonized the page with it and looked for what it is we love about where and who we are. It also suggests a need to stamp on the motifs that make us hip and groovy.

In Lester's words "the love affair New Zealanders have with “Kiwiana” is evidence of the pendulum swinging back against the “appropriation” arguments of the 80s and 90s which have proved themselves to be very last century.  Kiwis want to celebrate the individual styles that our society has created. Many of these revolve around the likes of Moko and Kawhaiwhai patterns so specific to Maori but also the likes of the “Buzzy Bee” and Kowhai flower. The blue sky background links us to our beautiful South Sea’s weather and the Kiwi love of a sunny day at the beach".

The stamp style version links with Lester's other stamp style works.  See also his simple portrait version.

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